January 8th, 2012

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So I combed my 5 year old dreadies out in September, a combination of headaches and stress and wanting change.
A word to the wise : DON'T DO IT. If you need change, end relationships, get piercings, quit your job and move to Disney Land, but whatever you do, do. not. lose. the. dreads.
I'm waiting for my hair to grow out more before I get them again, but baby dreads worry me, my office was ok with the mature ones but baby ones are so....messy. untidy. chaotic. And new offices, if I were to branch out, might not appreciate baby dreads (or mature ones). But holy heck I miss them every single day. I mean, my headaches are gone and I can shower without a neck brace, but....sigh. Dreadlessness.

Anyway, before I combed them out, I had a photo shoot done with my and my horse. I promised Lish pictures, so, voila!I've included a lot of the "outtakes" because they are generally very silly.
I must say, I am just a little pleased - Finn is quite clean in these pictures, normally he is covered head to toe in poo and mud. I will wash and brush it all off, turn around, hear some shuffling, and peek over my shoulder to see it worse than before. I will clean his stall right before lights out at night, removing all traces of dirtiness, and he will poop for the specific purpose of laying his head in it like a pillow. I give up!

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request for reference photo :)

hey guys!

i was hoping some of you could help me. i've got an idea for a drawing and what i want is some reference photos of dreadlocks tied up in a LOOSE bun. i will be using this as a basic reference for some heavily modified, futuristic looking dreads that i'm conceptualising for one of my characters.

the photo should be side-on, and preferably pretty mature dreads as it will be easier to do what i want to do with it. the reason i'm asking here is because i did some searching, and all i could seem to find where pictures of younger dreads, or of tight, spiral buns. i need it to be quite a loose bun held up by maybe a simple elastic so that you can see inside the bun and see how the dreads overlap eachother etc. maybe also with some dreads falling out of it.

hope this doesn't count as a lazy post, i just have something very specific in mind and i tried to take photos of my own dreads but couldn't get it quite right as i'm not really used to tying my dreads up that way.. and thought perhaps someone here would already have a suitable photo or better experience with tying them.

ps - oh forgot to add, if you have a dreadhawk or at least one shorn side, with any amount of regrowth, this would be even better as it's another thing i'm looking for but couldn't seem to find along with a bun.