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favor needed [13 Jan 2012|08:34am]
i am looking for someone who lives within driving distance of chula vista, CA, & who's willing to go knock on a door for me, ask a couple questions, & report back. i'm not looking for any knees to be broken or any major confrontation - i think a friend of mine might have died, & i'm not getting any response from email, phone (which has been cut off), or physical mail. i'm willing to cover gas plus lunch or something for your time.

& to abide by my own community rules, here's a new photo gorthok found recently of a "face pull" performance from ~2006. not for the squeamish :)Collapse )

thanks in advance, gudu nation.
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DUCK FACE! [13 Jan 2012|06:17pm]
so the 8th was 1 year 10 months for thing one. two more months and he'll be 2 years old! OMG!

anyway, i wanted to show you just how much growth i've had since its monthly birthday in august, to today.

growing like a weed under the sun.Collapse )
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