January 17th, 2012

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lice and deepcleaning after having read mems

So my boyfriend just found a buggywug in my hair. We are both dready and we both have it. He goes with the nature boy approach of: they are bugs on me but we are all bugs on the earth, so let them be. I go with the opposite of that: EWWWWWWWW COOTIES COOTIES COOTIES!!!!!!!!! bah ugh ahhhhhhhhhh buggywugssssssssssssssssssssss get off.

In anycase Im treating both our heads for my own sake. Having OCD that manifests in scratching and picking of the skin makes this a much more frustrating time for me than for him.

Im planning a trip to the supermarket [in brussels, belgium at the moment] and going to get cider vinegar, a treatment like Delacete or something and rubbing alcohol, all to lather and or soak my hair in at seperate times over the next several hours and days.

MY QUESTION is... would it be wise or unwise to deep clean after all these possible treatments, and if so what method exactly would you think best to use? By the end of the week Ill be hitchhiking and sleeping outside again, so I really have to finish this while i have access to a shower and everything else i need. But I dont want to leave here smelling like the plague after a bath in hell; SO... suggestions?
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Just returned from a 3 day long electronic music cruise, and finally have some wonderful non-webcam pictures of my post-anniversary dreads. I've been trying to adjust back to frigid New York, so posting pictures of the bluest blue waters and nighttime bikini dancing is as much mental masturbation as anything. But I hope you'll all enjoy them too!


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longer dreads = frequent headaches?

Hey GUDU,  just few questions regarding having longer dreadlocks. Last week, I have retired my old extended blonde dreads 10 in total, and created 15 new longer blonde dreads  to attach.  Recently I have been getting headaches just wearing them in a pony tail or a high bun.  I was wondering if this is just what happens when you add longer dreads overnight and the scalp is not used to the weight?  Will the headaches go away?  Will let you know if it does in a week. 


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