January 18th, 2012

Very disappointed

I've been a member here for years and have always enjoyed this community. Recently, my girlfriend had me dread her hair, and I pointed out this community to her for some answers to dread-related questions. She read over the info page but apparently missed the tiny one-line of text that said you need to do something to gain posting access. (Back when I joined years ago you didn't need to do anything to gain posting access so I wasn't sure how to help her). She sent an extremely polite message to one of the mods apologizing in advance if she missed something and asked how to be granted posting access.

What she got back was an extremely blunt and rude response telling her she didn't do what she was supposed to do. This community is supposed to be a place to bring dreadheads together, but she was so shocked and hurt by the way she was treated upon asking a simple question that she no longer wishes to be involved with the community at all. So thanks for that.
Henry - I got 99 problems

1 year update and extension question

At the beginning of Jan my dreads turned 1 year old! Woot!

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When I first started my dreads I promised myself I would not do anything to them for a year (well other than color lol) and as I came up in the first year I was battling really badly with the dreads on the side of my head, catching on my glasses, pulling weird, giving me headaches when I slept and just over all looking funky. So finally I decided that they just needed to go!

And my god that choice was good! We ended up having to cut a little closer to my head then I originally wanted, but I figure it will grow out in no time. And it is such a relief to be able to sleep peacefully and not have to fight to put my glasses on, and perhaps when the sides grow out again I can section them differently to avoid these problems.

Now my question :
I have about 11 dreads that I saved that I would really like to add as extensions and I have read most of the memories about extensions and I didn’t see anywhere where anyone talked about the longevity of them. If I put them in properly should that be it? New longer dreads forever? Or will I have to cut them out after 6 months or so?