February 2nd, 2012


Long time no see!

Long time no see, GUDU! I last updated you guys around the 6.5 month mark on my little dread babies right after I dyed them.

(This is where I was going to link to that post in case anyone was curious, but I can't find it.)

Unfortunately, the very next week I combed that set out. I thought my babies were formed pretty nicely, but the dye completely loosened the dreads that weren't as formed and some fell right out and became brushable hair again. Boo. Also, I was told by my boss that I was being considered for a promotion but they wouldn't give it to me unless I had "normal hair". So since I love money, that set got combed out. Surprise, surprise, it's been maybe 9 months since I combed and I still HAVEN'T GOTTEN THAT PROMOTION. (Argh!)

Because it now seems like I'm never going to get promoted, and they obviously didn't have a giant issue with my dreads to begin with (I went to the interview with them worn down, so they could have refused to hire me.) and since I'm going back to college full time (read: less time at job), I figure that I just don't give a hoot and I'm starting my next set. (Set 5 already? Yeesh.)

In any case, I haven't brushed my hair or used conditioner in 2 weeks and I've got some little dreadies trying to start. I'm undecided whether I want to continue naturally or backcomb. I've never had a completely natural set (All previous were backcombed/crocheted) and I'm curious to see what happens! Any of you GUDUers out there completely natural/neglect? I'd like to see photos if you have them!