February 19th, 2012

New to community, 2nd set of dreads: HI!

Greetings, you locked up fiends!

I've watched this community off and on for sometime, just picking at the memories when needed and checking out some of your locked up beauties.

This is my second set of dreads, this time on the naturally curly hair that I never knew I had until I brushed out my first set of year-old dreads last november. Last time I had blunted the ends of my 38ish locks, but on this new set of 74, I left the tips wavy. They look a million times better this time around, I'm so happy and proud of them!

This set is about 3 weeks old plus or minus a few days. It took me over a week to finish backcombing the lot, with only doing 2-5 of them per session using the combined efforts of two roommates and myself. Each lock took 15-30 minutes, depending on who did them. Rubber bands were used to section and got removed the same or next day after dread completion. No wax was used in the creation of these locks. They have been washed 3 times already. Palm rolled in the shower and twice minorly crocheted near the top to pull in some large chunks of loose hair. They have otherwise pretty much been left alone to fend for themselves.

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