February 22nd, 2012


baby dreads - slight problem

(first - hey, everyone, obviously i'm new. sorry to start out by running to you guys for ~answers. once i get the 'locks situated i'll post pictures.)
my sister, who said she'd done her own dreads as well as others, though she brushed out hers a long time ago, agreed to do my dreads for me. she just did them a few days ago, but she decided to try something, (sigh) and she braided the root and then dreaded the rest. by the end, i was silently freaking out because what if the braids ruin them, oh God.
there was a post in the memories about dreads started with braids (here) and in the comments lishd said that starting a dread with a braid at the scalp ends up looking really ugly and now i don't know what to do. it's a full head of 'em (44) and they aren't too tight right now - i can always comb them out and redo them, i suppose? is that something i should do? 
i don't want ugly dreads but i hate the thought of doing this all over again - backcombing hurts like hell and it took hours. if i have to i absolutely will, though, because i want them to mature well, i don't want them looking ugly.
anyone who can offer some advice, i greatly appreciate it.(: