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lock sewing [25 Feb 2012|12:06am]
I'm a fool for sewing! I am working on a head full of natural locks and I decided the ones in the back have probably stopped shrinking. They're fatties and super short. I love the chunk but not the length.

I still have my old locks from 3 years ago. I'm having a blast picking thru them and examining them under the lamp. I found my favorites and I've started sewing them on to the ends of the super chunk ones. They look great!

Maybe later this weekend when I'm not nursing a baby I'll post some phhotos. Until then I bid you all a good night!
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as promised - baby dread photos [25 Feb 2012|06:30pm]

afterCollapse )

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Long overdue update and shizzz [25 Feb 2012|07:27pm]
Hiya, humans! I haven't posted on here in awhiiile, I meant to post for my big 2 year mark but then I didn't. Sorreh!

Have a photo dump and forgive my absence :]Collapse )
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