February 29th, 2012

was attacked for my dreads for the first time today! um, yay?

sigh. i went to target and heard a woman as i passed say "eugh, dirty *mumblemuttermutter*" and thought it might be about my dreads but then i was like "nah girl you're being paranoid" to myself and went about my business.

after making my purchases (target tank tops are the best ever and on sale right now! they're like all i wear) i walked out in the parking lot and saw the same woman in her car driving. she made an exaggerated disgusted face at me, pointed to her head, and then mimed puking. her daughter was in the car with her, and the poor thing was trying to hide her face because she was so embarrassed by her mother's behavior haha. 

i was so thoroughly enraged. my ego wasn't at all bruised, i don't give a shit what she thinks about me or my hair. it just makes me so angry that bitter-ass miserable people like her exist. (has anyone else noticed that middle-aged white women are the most bitter and miserable people pretty much ever?) i didn't even make eye contact, i just gave her the ol' tried and true middle finger and kept walking to my car. 

i'm glad that i've only had positive interactions beside this one. but also a little disappointed that i didn't get a chance to tell her off. doubt it would have actually made me feel better though.

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anyone ever had an experience this extreme? it's amazing to me how rude and childish a grown woman can be, not to mention purely ignorant. 

Cupid Death Lady

One year, tomorrow!

Happy dreadiversary!

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Quick question: When I started my first set in 2009, I think I remember a beautiful redheaded lass who posted here occasionally. She had waaaaay more than 100 pencil-thin, long red locks. (My memory tells me 300, but that can't possibly be right, right?) I remember her massive mane, and it's beauty, and I was trying to relate it to friends last night. I found myself wondering if she still kicks around in here, and if anyone remembers her screen name. Am I losing my mind? Or does this pretty lady exist? Can't hardly remember now, that time in my life seems so far away...
My dirt

Color Oops?

Has anyone ever used Color Oops on your locks?

You see, from the time I was about 14 to about ohhh... 2.5 months ago (7ish years) I dyed my hair blue-black. Originally it was a teenaged attempt at being oh-so-gawth, and then even after ditching the skulls and crossbones on everything it just kind of stuck.

In between that time I've used Color Oops on normal hair several times with relative success when I decide I just want to be a natural brunette again. Right before deciding to dread up again this time around, I used 2 boxes of Color Oops to lift out the black but this time around it only brought me to a dark brown. (My natural color is a lightish mediumish brown with gold and red tones.)

I'd like to try it again to see if I can get any more color out, but since the product is known for being super gentle (it ALWAYS left my hair shinier and softer than it was before using it) I'm concerned with it conditioning my knots out. (My set is about a month old now.)

Suggestions? I'm not opposed to bleach, I'd just rather not risk damaging my hair to lighten it only a shade or 2.