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decorations and some texture [13 Mar 2012|04:03am]

So I took pictures of all my beads for the decorations thread on DT, and I got some texture shots in there with them so I figured I'd share them here as well.

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currently... [13 Mar 2012|05:13pm]
...my head looks like this.

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LUSH Solid Shampoo: review and seeking suggestions [13 Mar 2012|08:27pm]
Sorry for a super quick post with no photos. I'm living in the wild desert in a tent, and navigating LJ and my photo host by smart phone is a little overwhelming. I'll make another post soon. ;)

I've tried Seanick and loved it. My locks felt super clean, nice and tight, never had any complaints.

My sweetheart tried Squeaky Green and had waxy build-up issues. I didn't care for the smell so much.

Both bars lasted us 10 months. At a dollar a month, I'd say we definitely got our money's worth!

I'm about to place an order for new bars and I want to try something new. First, are there any LUSH shampoo bars that you would definitely NOT recommend for dreadlocks? Something that's oily, waxy, or prone to build-up? Next, are there any that you highly recommend? Thank you, lovelies, for your input!

MUCH belated edit:
Since Lish added this post to the memories, I thought I'd come back and report what I tried and review them as well. Thank you all for your suggestions!! We ended up buying NEW! and Jumping Juniper.

NEW says it's heavily clove and cinnamon, and it delivers. What I didn't expect was the powerful minty (peperminty?) note to the scent. It's strong, but we both really like it. NEW makes my locks feel super clean and stripped, almost crunchy. I probably wouldn't like it on my brushable hair, but I love it on my locks. I don't think I'd use it more than once a week though. I worry it would overdry my scalp.

Jumping Juniper smells like gin and I love it! Hah! I will say, however, it's the slipperiest, frothiest, sudsiest shampoo bar I've used from LUSH. I can rinse it out okay in hard water, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it to folks living in an area with soft water. That aside, the smell is fantastic, and my hair feels soft and clean. My sweetheart did have trouble rinsing it out on his first try. Yay, buildup. Here's hoping a vinegar rinse and more studious rinsing will help that.

I think I want to try Reincarnate next. Anyone have any reviews to offer for it, good or bad?
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