March 15th, 2012

Im back

Hi Everyone
Im still creating my second set of dreads. I had dreads more than 4 years
ago for almost 2 years after which I brushed out shoulder length dreads for
my sisters wedding.These were my dreads from last
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It was a big regret and Ive missed them a lot lately.
So before I go back to work in July I thought that I would start my second
set and get them established a bit. Im almost finished just down to the
base of my head at the moment.
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Im using the rip and twist method which Im liking a lot and crocheting too.
It seems quicker.
Im so glad to be joining this community again.

Red dreads and Chest tattoo

Here are my dreads again before I took them out and Im currently putting them back in, with better freeform sectioning. My chest tattoo as well.

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The close up pics are pretty much a few hours after the initial washing shower I think or the next morning. Ive only had the tattoo for about 2 weeks.