March 28th, 2012


~4months natural mess!

hey you guys! happy late birthday gudu! last time I was here I had a backcombed set but was generally unhappy with them, and was starting a new phase in my life, they needed to forward to around 4 months ago, when I stopped brushing/straightening my hair, it became too much. I was homeless and about to be again... sleeping in tents, cars, etc, I decided to just stop brushing, mainly because I just didn't feel like it anymore, and also because my hair started to knot up. I just decided not to fight it and let what my hair do as it pleased. IT'S SO EXCITING! This is by far my favorite experience in having dreadlocks thus far. I truly never know what's going to happen next, and I love it. Looking back my hair seems to definitely represent where I am in my life, as I think it seems to be doing at this current time in my life.. I've experienced a lot of personal growth and changes, a revolution in myself if I would go that far as calling it so.. Life is crazy and so is my hair!

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oh yeah, i might be hitting the road (as in without a car)... thinking maybe up towards chicago soon, as in the next month or less.. if anyone wants to hang out and would be down let me know! those are the plans as of now, but you never know.

I hope all of you are doing well, I've been lurking recently and thought i'd say hello.

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