March 30th, 2012

Tam Question

Okay I have a question. I know where to find and buy tams. Thats not the issue. I am a dog groomer with month old dreadies and its coming into shedding season with all the big undercoated breeds. Think of hair tornados, yes thats what I will be going and standing in and working in daily. I have a billion bandanas but I feel they are flattening my dreads and I do and will be keeping them covered up for quite some time at work until the shedding season isn't so bad and they mature a tad more. So what I'm asking now is does anyone know of anyone that makes Tams that aren't out of your typical yarn that dog hair can intertwine in so easily but maybe a different material? I'd like to wear a tam to work since they allow my dreadies to be more freely at the early months but I need one that isn't so hair magnet like the ones I have.

Sooo...if anyone makes tams out of different material or knows a site or anyone else I'd be greatly interested :) I do know some hair will be inbedded that i'm not worried about but the basic yarn i just can't do at work.