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1 Year of fabulous neglect [01 Apr 2012|12:58pm]
Minus the 24 hour period that shall not be named. I've not brushed my hair for a year.

This is NOT typical of neglect. This is super speed tangling action. This is what my hair does when left to its own devices. After 30 years I finally decided to stop fighting and just let it dread, since that's how it seems to want to be anyway.

The most I do is wash it ever couple of days, and spritz it with a little water in the morning if it's standing on end, or looking smooshed from sleeping on it.
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Beach! [01 Apr 2012|02:23pm]
I've been beaching it up a lot lately and making an effort to get the lovely saltwater on my dreads.

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Anyone in Tampa Fl have someone to do maintence, my person had a baby and she wont be doing hair for a little bit.
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