April 17th, 2012

  • lishd


nominations for this contest are now CLOSED. the voting post can be found here, & the winners are here!

it's time to get together & VOTE FOR GUDU's HOTTEST TOP 10!

what determines hotness? WHATEVER YOU WANT. best dreads? gorgeous face? attitude to kill? extreme intelligence? anyone that you think is SUPER SEXY for ANY REASON counts for this event.

this post is the precursor to the poll. here's what i want from you:
  • list up to five people, by username, who you think belong in GUDU's HOTTEST TOP 10. (yes you can nominate yourself, but it's more fun if someone else nominates you. :) )
  • link to one image each that your nominee has posted here on GUDU - no stealing external photos, obviously - & that you think fully represents their UTTER HOTNESS.
  • or specify if you'd like to NOT be a part of this poll, & of course that will be respected.
  • you do not need dreads to vote or to nominate others, but all nominees must currently have at least one dread.
  • this is the NOMINATIONS post. if someone has already been nominated, choose someone else! repeats don't count for extra.

    when the comments die down, i'll put together a private-answers poll of all nominees. you'll be able to vote as many entrants as you like, & thus will we determine GUDU's HOTTEST TOP 10!