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Bangs. [20 Apr 2012|11:34am]
I unraveled a few dreads in the front about three months ago, but never posted a picture. I just did cherry red highlights on my bangs and about six of the dreads underneath yesterday. I know it's hard to see, because I was goofing around with this snapshot in Photoshop to make it look Instagram-y. You can see part of my nail tech table in the back too. Love you guys!


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[20 Apr 2012|07:55pm]
I completly forgot about this site.  I'm loving all the dreadie porn here.  Everybodys dreads are stunning.  So I'm just here sayin 'hello'!

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3 months! [20 Apr 2012|08:17pm]

3 months of mess on my head!

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