April 27th, 2012

Tea for dreads

Hi Just wondering... ive got itchy scalp and was wondering if I could make up some of a particular tea that I had in my cupboard at home. Its called Evening Organic Heb Infusion by Higher Living. Its for realaxing before bed tea you drink but i wanted to possibly use it for my scalp. Its got Lemon Baalm, Fennel, Chamomile, Lime tree. peppermint and lavendar in it. What do you think if i boiled some water let it seep and cool and spray it on my scalp. Maybe with a bit of tea tree oil too...


Quick Update - 4(ish) Years


It's been a while since my last post.  I haven't had internet at home since my boyfriend and I moved to the Santa Cruz mountains a year ago.  I guess mountain living has its down sides...  Anyway, I wanted to give you lovely people a quick update on my noodles!  

I'm still letting them do their own thing, washing once a week with Dr. Bronners.  I still have yet to have any maintenance done.  I have some root fuzz and tons of loops that could use some touching up but I keep going back and forth on the fact that the loopies and fuzzies add character :)  

I'm finally stoked on the length.  I was wearing my hair pulled back in a high pony tail for the past year because the length was awkward.  And because I was wearing it like this for so long, I started experiencing upper back / neck pains.  I've recently started wearing my hair down and my neck seems to be a bit happier on the daily.  I was worried I might have to chop 'em which I would not have been happy about at all...(obviously).  I still have some trouble when they're wet though.  I'm having to hold them up at times while I shower because the water weight starts straining my neck.  That I can deal with.

Anyway, here's a shitty webcam picture I just took it mainly to show you the length.  I'm hoping to get some legitimate photos up really soon because, damn... I missed you guys <3

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