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[02 May 2012|01:47pm]
Hey GUDU! It's time for my too-infrequent post in which I apologize for not posting more. :) I'm on a quest to make "a million things" (and keeping track here: alison makes a million things). As I photograph my million things, my hair makes some quite nice appearances! Also I'm leaving for my summer job in just over a week, which means I'll be closing my etsy for a while, which means a coupon code for my friends. THAT'S YOU GUYS. Coupon code HAIRFLIP gets you 20% off yer order till I close up, which will be about the 10th. <3

Without further ado, LOOK! Under the cut: stuff I made, my cool hair, my newest tattoo, and my face, post surgery (I had my stretched labret hole sewn up recently).

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