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Deepcleanproblem and travelphotos [13 May 2012|10:10am]
This morning i woke up with a heavy muscle pain in my neck and left shoulder. It is stiff and my dreadlocks make the pain worse. I let them hang lose, cuz with a bun it hurts more. Yesterday evening i did a deepcleansession. Never used soda before and to bad i didnt. The water turned grey within five minutes. And when i flushed the water there was loads of dust and sand in the sink. WTF i never knew my dreads where so nasty. After the deepcleaning i putted a hairmasked on my dreads. My dreadlocks are getting dry-er and dry-er and i don't want them to break. So now my dreadlocks are superclean, but what to do about the neck- and shoulderpain? What do you do to handle the weight of your dreadlocks during washing?

[edit] I have to say i'm complaining more and more last half year. I'm not thinking about cuting. But i need to have some good tips how to handle the heavy weight during sleeping, wearing at work etc.

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Loc Knots on Caucasian dreads! [13 May 2012|10:33pm]

One of my subscribers sent me this video of her curls using the loc knots technique and they look amazing! I love seeing my styles tried on various hair textures so I had to share. Hope everyone had a great Mother's day!

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