June 15th, 2012

  • lishd

two recent dread stories

1. i was standing at my bus stop downtown & thought someone had smacked my butt. i turned around quickly to find the nearest person several steps away & not likely to be a butt-smacker. then i realized one of my dreads had gotten hung up on the railing, & as i moved, it smacked me in the rear. i was molested by my own hair.

2. gorthok & i occasionally take the same bus home. i'm on before him, so if i sit towards the front & he uses the back doors, it's possible that we won't realize we're on the same bus. that's what happened on this particular day, & we saw each other as he was getting off at the grocery store a stop before our apartment. neither of us saying a word, he leaned over & kissed me twice, then exited the bus. i didn't realize how this appeared until i noticed the stares i was getting from the other passengers, which clearly depicted: omg, do ALL dreaded people greet each other that way?

in non-dread news, surely there are some portal fans here... i give you http://lishd.livejournal.com/60551.html :)