June 18th, 2012

  • magola

Wax dread Rant!

I was perusing the most recent edition of Marie Claire (yeah I still subscribe to it) has a slew of more wax dread mis-info. The author retells an experience in which she paid money for dreads to be installed using beeswax. Her parents were against it and wanted her to remove them. She said she was afraid of spending 2 weeks and $2k to remove them. (Where did these facts and figures come from?!?!) She goes on to say how every week she twists the roots and sprays it with loc butter. (Over maintaining) 

This article just really irritated me for the following reasons:
1. NO WAX!!! Do you straight hair fucks put wax in your hair?! 
2. Over maintaining leads to breakage, weaker dreads. Dreads aren't about products or commercialism. 
3. $2k to remove? Are you using melted gold to remove wax?? Last time I checked, cutting and brushing was nearly free.
4. Most of all: Incorrect information to the masses that dreads are "installed", created with wax, and require much maintenance. 
UGH! I just really hate this. Boo on you Marie Claire and your incorrect info. Just had to rant and rave.