July 7th, 2012


hello again gudu

I need to post! NEED. I must procrastinate job hunting, for constant application submission with no interviews is disheartening. (At least I know it has nothing to do with my hair because all the applications have been online.)

My dreads are now past the 1.5 year mark. The texture is changing a bunch. Slowly I am starting to see them getting a bit of length after shrinking for the first year. Very slowly. They're almost down to the length of my brushable hair when I began my dreadlock journey; the vague "shoulder length" that seems to never get longer.

NSFW? Just so you know, two under the cut are me in bathing suit, may or may not matter to you.

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Holy crap, I have dreadlocks!

I remember the first time I looked in the mirror with my old set of locks and thought to myself, "Holy crap! I have dreadlocks!"

I've been less eager and far more patient with my second set. I promised myself that I wouldn't maintenance them to death, that I'd just leave them be and see what happens. I don't know if it's because this is my second set, or because I live around lots of other dreadheads now, or just the fact that the turns my life has taken have just required me to let go a little control in my life, but I'm finding this dread journey much easier. Since my sweetheart and I started our locks together on the first of March, last year, I've really only kept my locks clean and separated. That means that these have matured more slowly, and that they look deliciously wild, and that I spend far less time worrying about what they look like.

Consequently, that "Holy crap, I have dreadlocks!" realization came quite a bit later this time. ;D 16 months! Wow, has it been so long?

Also, I'm functioning on precious little sleep and craptons of coffee, so forgive me if this post randomly rambles and awkwardly ambles as much as it feels like it does.

Now then... PEETCHURS!

My favorite recent photo of myself, taken at Bonnaroo 2012.
I was utterly exhausted, but I felt beautiful...

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I've found a couple of GUDUers on Instagram. You welcome to find me there and say hi. I love to follow fellow dreaddie people! Tag your dreaddie IG photos with #GUDU so we can find each other more easily. ;D

chopping trimming cutting ect

Hi gudu
im at a bit of a dilemma/crossroads here iv had my dreads for a while now and i really love them mostly but theyve got to the length now where i keep lying on them they keep getting in the way and generally annoying me in ways i never thought possible im finding myself missing those unruly babies that whilst they wouldnt stay down always had this sortof character to their hillarious entanglements
im tempted to chop and instntly restart a new set of thinner tidier locks now im more accomplished at putting them/keeping them together

what do you guys think