July 15th, 2012

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Yay! Maybe my tips will round!

Haha! I know I just posted not-so-long ago saying that I've done jack and squat to this set of locks other than kept them clean and separated. I know that I said I was learning more patience and that I was happy to just let them be and see how they develop. That's still ~mostly~ true. ;p

For some reason, my stringy undreaded wispy tips have been bugging me. I think because they comprise so much of the length of my locks, I feel they make my locks look less mature than they really are. All the nifty gnarly locky bits hide under the stringy bits and, well? Fooey.

So, I just realized yesterday that my tips will finally do something they've flatly refused to do until now--if I rub the tip of one lock in circles between my fingers, it actually knots up! Woo! I know that sounds silly and ridiculous, but my tips have flatly refused to hold so much as a tangle since my locks started. Now, at 18 months, they're finally gnarly enough to maybe lock up.

I'm being goofy and silly, and I'm excited and wanted to share. Thanks for not laughing at me... too loudly. ;D

And a recent Instagram pic, yay!