July 25th, 2012

my joy


I reach up, and I feel tangles. dangles. Little ropes of effort.

The choice was made with certainty after years of thought. It also took years of growth, because my last haircut was a shaved mohawk that was an impulsive, regretful "screw you!" to working in the hair industry. That was 5 years ago now, and with the slowest growing hair in the universe, I finally felt ready.

Life has been hard lately. I've been raising a child with special needs for the last 11 years, and it's not an easy existence, for either of us.  The amount of time for self-care I've had went from "barely any" to "zero" in the last year as his struggles increased. I would find myself in the same clothing for 5 days at a time. Brushing my teeth was a treat. Styling my hair was certainly not a priority. But I'd always wanted dreads, and I felt like it was time.

A good friend directed me here, to gudu, and boy was I ever glad she did. I've been around, reading all your posts and slowly reading through the memories. I have learned a lot about the options and risks people take with their hair. I learned about the amount of time and effort dreadlocks take, and really thought hard about whether I could swing it with my hectic life.
At first I wasn't sure, but then I decided to take a leap of faith and consider the dreadlocks a gift to myself. As well as the locks themselves, the maintenance is also a gift I have given myself. It forces me to reach up with my hands and touch my head. To tend to myself on a regular basis.
When I maintain my hair, I'm maintaining ME.

Dreadlocks are a loving act towards myself. And gosh darn it, I deserve it.

So, hello. My name is Opal, I'm a stay at home Mom to two beautiful children. I live in a very small town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. I am a singer, doula, hairstylist, wife and artist. Pleased to meet you!


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