August 4th, 2012

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I've been gone a long, long time. I really missed you guys, but I kept getting stuck in this cycle where I couldn't bear all the posts that I'd missed, all the friends I'd not kept up with, so I couldn't bear to jump back in. But basically, frick that. Feels good to be home.

I'll feed you some right and proper update pics soon, but in the meantime I'd like to introduce you to my best girl, Mariantu. This gorgeous, dreaded dirt-worshiper is tough, and in love with animals and science and the world. And she's facing deportation tomorrow. So I'd like to share her fund/awareness raising campaign with you. Even just a kind-hearted word makes this all more bearable for her, so if you're so moved, yanno...

And here's a pic of us fixing a pigeon who fell asleep on a pug, who fell asleep on our bed!416972_3479898805901_903283658_n Collapse )


oh man.  its been one whole year since i started these babies.  i have never had the patience before to keep them for this long.  this is my third set, the other two were about 7-8 months each.  its just been really exciting with these babies, especially because they were mostly neglect.  lately though i have been feeling the itch to change something hair related.  i keep toying with the idea of chopping them all off, or dying them, trimming my fringe, or even shaving my legs (haven't shaved in about four years).  i dont know why, i just feel psychologically itchy.  could be because i just left my job, am looking for new work, and about to start house hunting soon.  i usually don't write this much, or talk about what's going on in my life, but my locks reaching one year feels so significant that i wanted to share with you guys also.  i have been apart of this community since i was 17 (8years!).  man.

anyway, here are some semi recent pics. (slightly nsfw? bare shoulders and a bikini)

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i'm so grateful to be apart of this community and i love you guys!