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[05 Aug 2012|05:27pm]
Greetings, GUDU!
I've just returned from a month-long stint doing some contract work in San Francisco... it feels good to be home! Both myself and my dreads celebrated a birthday.

The last 5 weeks...Collapse )
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Heavy Locks (Question) [05 Aug 2012|11:39pm]
I've had my dreads for about a year. I've had problems with hair weight issues even before I had my dreads (I have super-thick hair), so I thinned half of it out before I began, but I knew eventually I'd come to where I am now, and the strain on my neck is killing me. I love my new dreads, they are really starting to go in the direction I want them. Does anyone have any advice on thinning out dreads? I like my length (about half-way down my back). Would it be a problem cutting off a few dreads? Is there a way to thin dreads without losing length? I've done a lot of searching online and through the memories but really haven't found any solutions.
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