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tangles and birds [10 Aug 2012|08:21am]
Snagged my sweetie's fancycam and snapped some close ups of mah tangles, plus some of my trinkets and birds! Enjoy :)

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[10 Aug 2012|11:52pm]
I've been getting the itch to change my hair lately. You see, I'm terribly impulsive. It's definitely my worst quality. I recently lightened the tips of my dreads a few shades and it looks pretty alright. But then today was relatively cool outside and reminded me of how fall is just around the corner and now I think I want to dye my dreads red/orange for the season. Decisions. 

My babies just turned 6 months last week. They are getting all sorts of ridiculous looking! I love it. I attempted to comb out from my loops downwards to prevent the major shrinkage that was happening, except it totally made things worse. All that loose hair at the tips still wanted to be dreaded and just looped up even more without being restricted from the initial backcombing. So I've given up. I will let my hair do what it wants. Hmph.

Here's a pretty low quality picture that doesn't do my loops any justiceCollapse )
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