September 26th, 2012


hey guys! i just learned how to do this super cool barrel roll technique and thought i would share. even though it looks crazy complicated it's surprisingly easy. i'm working on creating an up-do style that incorporates this technique, so hopefully i'll have a video for that sometime this weekend. under the cut are 2 new videos, a hairstyle tutorial and a palm rolling video/loose hair video. i learned how to sew loose hairs into my locs and it's been really helpful since i have a lot of baby hair and it seems to have trouble staying in my locs. hope you find them helpful!

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  • mfuller

two years. two months.

hi all
its been quite a while, and many things have changed in my life. The biggest being that I am single again, after six years. After crying the last few weeks straight, I mostly just feel numb now. Anyways, my dreads turned two ! they are now two years two months. Pictures in order:
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