October 13th, 2012

In need of some assistance please...

So I've posted once here before around the time my dreads were 4-6 months old i believe. They're now 2 and half years old. They matured into beautiful dreads but now I'm in need of some much needed maintenance. I can't remember the last time I did any crocheting or anything really to them besides keeping them clean. I started off my dreads as a dreadhawk and let the sides grow out for about a year and half now I believe. I've lost a few here and there, mostly because I have a mix of straight and Dreaded hair and I tend to try to keep the straight hair from merging with a dread by going through my dreads with my fingers acting as a comb/brush. While doing this I accidently pull and break some hairs from the root of some dreads, thus them weakening and eventually falling out. . It's now got to a point where they're all starting to look weak at the roots. Thats my horror story about my dreads but my main issue is finding someone in South Florida who does dread maintenance thats willing to help me out. So this is a

CALL OUT TO SOUTH FLORIDIANS PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Contact me if you are in the area and are willing to help with ending this horror story with a happy ending.

Also, I would really appreciate any given to help my situation =)

Here's a Good times pics ;) where you can see they way my straight hair can cause a problem with merging with the dreads.

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