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Hair and things [22 Oct 2012|12:38pm]

Just a quick update for all you lovely noodle-goers and admirers :)   I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera so I don't have many pictures of myself but I was able to round up a few for ya...

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15 months [22 Oct 2012|12:49pm]
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I last scanned 7 months ago, here.

Recently I noticed the ends getting stumpy, which was a problem for me on my last set as well. I use coconut oil serum on my bangs, and have started applying some to the ends of my dreads and lightly brushing. It's slowly lengthening the stumpies without them being frizzy. I'll probably keep going until I have about 3 inches of tails. I've always loved wispy ends, and I love the curls I've never had with brushable hair. Not to mention, my hair smells great in-between washings!

I came across this photo randomly on my old photobooth. Babyhair dread saying hayy!

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[22 Oct 2012|09:37pm]
It's been so long since I have been online. I have missed so much in this community and I miss it!
This is a short post, coming up on my three year mark soon!
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