October 24th, 2012

Who's ready for Halloween?

Being a self proclaimed craft nut, I take Halloween verrrry seriously. Which is why my costume is ready a week early. lol So this year I decided to incorporate a little creative hairstyling into my costume and transform my locs into snakes for an epic Medusa costume! Check it out!

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crazy doll eyes


I finally got around to counting how many locs I have. I knew I had A LOT of ends and less at the root but I didn't realize the numbers were so drastic. When I started my adventure I was closer to 200 than 100. I now have... 62 at the root, and 107 ends including the few that have become braids and twists! I am insanely happy about this and look forward to seeing the craziness when they grow more. I'm SO happy that they will look more natural when they grow more and not so obviously started by twists like they do now. I've already started plotting all of the amazing things I will be able to do with dye with so many dangly bits >:D   The thickest locks are a wee bit larger than my thumb and have 4-5 ends. The skinniest are range from half the size on my pink to exactly the size as my pinky, those are all of the ones at the hair line. Generally each root is made up of 2-3 locs but some are solo.

To add to the fun I now have a new little guy growing on the back of my head because I sniped off the extension that was making it look like I grew something there. I purposely butchered 2 extensions back there to make them look crazy but that one just wouldn't comply so I said fuck it and chopped it off. I hope he stays solo but what will be will be. He might get gobbled up by someone back there. 
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