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[05 Nov 2012|09:26am]
So, I've been spending a lotta time growing out my undercut and reshaping into a dreadhawk. I am reattaching dreads in the back that were cut off before to accomplish this, but since I have to wait until the new growth is long enough, I have a lot of waiting to do. I've experimented a bit with updos; here's a couple examples of how I've worn the hairsnakes so far. Sorry about the quality of the 2nd, but it's hard to take pix of yourself.

Pictures under hereCollapse )

Hope all of you are well as 2012 draws to a close. There's been a lot of change this year for me, some good (I got married)some bad (my best friend died of a rare cancer). What is there to do, but keep living?

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[05 Nov 2012|11:09am]
so i was checking out the group Body Hair Aware on FB, and someone posted a link to this site --> http://acidcow.com/pics/7331-girls-with-hairy-pits-50-pics.html.

and i believe picture 19 is a member of this group, not sure her name. but i wanted to make sure she knew this picture was out there. there might actually be a couple of other people from this group on there. just wanted to let you know :]

i just hope it wasn't posted without permission.
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