November 12th, 2012

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Let's try again..

Hello Gudu! This is not my first time posting but i've only posted once or twice. I've had many MANY failed forays into starting dreads. Usually i'll make one or two and then not like them because they're too loose / look weird and brush them out a week later. 

Last night on a whim I just started grabbing random chunks of hair and backcombing, and 6 hours later, at 4am I had a head of dreads, sore arms and weird blisters on my little finger from all the friction (lol) 

They are by far the best I have done so far, but I still have a few worries / queries. I know dreads aren't exactly going to look amazing when they're new (and I really love messy dreads anyway) but I kind of need some confirmation i've done it right!

Firstly, they're quite thick. Well, the size they're at NOW is the size I wanted the end product to be so I don't know how much bigger they'll get. Secondly, while the dreads at the top of my head are pretty good and tight, I have one or two at the back, that no matter what I do i'm struggling to get them as compacted as the rest - I guess its just the angle and I found its kinda hard to do it all yourself. They're still backcombed and looking dready so will they still be ok?? 

Enough talk, PICTURES!!! 

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Deep Clean Pics!

I finally got around to doing my first deep clean, after close to 4 years on knottiness O.O. I expected to see all kinds of nastiness and squeezing out sludge... but there was just nastiness and no sludge. Which is really good, but I was expecting some sludge and slime after so many years of not doing one. For anyone who is curious, the dirty water didn't smell like anything but ACV. Always wondered about that myself! 

Cleanliness wise it feels like it did a waaaaaaaaaaay better job than the clarifying washes I've done in the past, but my hair feels so fucking dry it's crazy. It's softer and lighter, but still noticeably dry. The ends aren't as hard as before. I've had this feeling that I had some build up action going on on my ends since they were so hard and this cleanse has softened them upI 

Despite there being a crazy amount of dye in the after picture, it looks like the dye held up pretty ok. Even yellow which is so light as is. Pleasantly surprised. I'm doing a deep condition right now and I'll be able to get a full assessment once I rinse that out. Very happy with the results.

Anyway on to the pictures!

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Edit, Rinsed out the conditioner a few hours ago. My hair feels a lot softer and lighter. Some of my ends are still hard so I'll assume those are just from being mature but there are a few that are softer now than before! The dye took a hit but nothing too bad.
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