November 16th, 2012

regarding the big chop

My dreads are six years old (I haven't been to a hair salon in about 10 years) and I've been looking at photos of all you beautiful dreadheads on gudu for much longer than I've had dreads! I love them, and I think they look great, but I have decided to finally cut them. I'm planning on doing it over Christmas break. I always said I would cut them when it was 'time', not knowing how I would ever know when it was 'time', but I think it's time! They're so heavy that putting them in ponytails and buns makes my head and neck ache soooo much from the weight, it's like sleeping on a big pile of itchy rope every night, they always get caught and tangled in my coat/backpack/scarves, I never have time to wash and dry them (I'm in my last year of university and life is beyond hectic most of the time!), it feels like I have a big wool hat on all year round which makes summer temperatures almost unbearable...and I just think it's time. 

I love them so much! I do! But after a few months of seriously thinking about it, I have decided that I just need a change. It's hair, it grows back, and it's just time for me to do this. But that's not all! Older photo and more thoughts under the cut.
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