December 3rd, 2012


Curious about pastel, and a picture poll :D

I'm thinking of dying my hair, and I'm really leaning toward a pastel color like lavender. I've been reading about how to achieve such a color, and (after bleaching and toning to white) most people simply dilute their dye with a bunch of white conditioner until they like the shade, before applying. Do any of you lovely dreadlocked folks have experience with this process? Do you recommend against it? I haven't used conditioner since well before I dreaded (two years ago maybe, dreads will be two in January) and I'm nervous about the idea of slathering it all over my hair... Aside from potentially unraveling parts of my dreads, I am a bit worried about residues, especially since a pastel color would likely need to be reapplied more frequently than deeper colors. I'm not sure if there is anything less dread-damaging that I could dilute color with, but I am open to suggestions.

On another note, if anyone is willing to indulge me, I would love to hear some color opinions! I decided to mess around in Gimp today and came up with a few examples of what I'm most interested in. Which do you like best on me?

P.S. Please oh please ignore my TERRIBLE 'shop job! Thank you. :)

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