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[29 Dec 2012|06:36pm]
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18 months [29 Dec 2012|09:38pm]

Mullet dreads happen after standing in line to meet Robert Irvine, the kitchen impossible chef. His show ended at 9:45pm and we stood in line until 1:00am to meet him for an autograph. The things I'd do for my boy...

Back-of-the-head photobooths are basically the only progress I've made towards keeping track of these ropes. We're just about to celebrate 18 months, woohoo!
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I'm leaving you all with two food pictures today (: The first is tea-smoked duck with chantrelle mushrooms & porcini risotto. The second is a chocolate lava cake with a milky way anglaise. my "milky way" has horchata sauce, salted caramel, sugar pearls, chocolate covered pop rocks & strawberry caviar pearls. happy holidays everyone (:
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