January 4th, 2013


Four month update

Hi lovelies!

I finally took the plunge back in early September and let a lovely fairy dread my hair at Burning Man. These were started with a crochet hook and, while I'm usually pleased with them, I'm occasionally miffed by all the loose hair, loops, bends, twists, etc. And the fact that a ton of hair has unravelled from the ends of some of them, leaving just a TINY section of dreaded hair that keeps it from unravelling completely. I'd like to get some maintenance done on them, but I won't do it where I live (Durango, CO) since the only person who claims to do dreadlock maintenance insists on using gel and/or wax. I feel like I *do* have the least dread-friendly hair in the world - straight, fine, and nearly impossible to tangle.

BUT, some photos! Forgive the austere yet cluttered background. It was my very messy room in the ashram in India where I stayed during my yoga teacher training, and neatness is not my forte.

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