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mister sun sun mister golden sun.... [11 Jan 2013|06:04am]
I recieved my first public compliement and questions the other day while waiting for a ride home outside from a very lovely girl on a smokebreak from work.
Very happy to say thanks to the knowledge I've gathered from all you lovelies through posts and the memories section
I was mainly able to reply
'Almost no matter how you do it, as long as you are patient and avoid products and too much fuss, you should have something lovely on your head within a year....you can't really mess dreads up, just give them character'

I'm currently in the process of a dyejob...

seemed like a good time to update
clicky clickCollapse )

Edit: I think I fixed all the photos...sorry folks

also, i had some -very- thin dreads that formed from bits of loose hair...today one of them didn't quite make it...
looks like it's time to read up on combining so there aren't more casualties.. 
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