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Hair dying question [15 Feb 2013|03:05pm]
Hello GUDU! Long time no post. I have a question about dying. It's not dread specific but there are so many uber experienced dyers here it seems like the best place to ask. I want to do a full spectrum dye job on a single dread... i.e. ROYGBIV. It will only take a tiny bit of each color though. Does anyone have recs about which specific colors of which brands will mix in the nicest possible way so that I can only purchase red, yellow and blue and mix my own intermediate colors? I was talking to another friend about it and she mentioned that some of the shades have strange bases that don't mix well and turn things brown. I have never intentionally set out to make specific colors so I'm not even sure where to start here.

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2.5 years [15 Feb 2013|11:18pm]
Hey Everyone,

My dreads are about 2.5 years, so I took some pictures this evening :)
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