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Hola GUDU [02 May 2013|01:32pm]
it's been a while..i have some pics.. still have my dreads .. just trimmed them a bit

take care people '

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Hello old friends! [02 May 2013|05:38pm]
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It has been forever long since I have posted here, or even been active. So you may not even remember me. My name is Renee, I'm 26, married (for seven years!), have two kids (one of them has special needs), a couple cats, a dog, I enjoy knitting and running.
I think about this community often. I sometimes get on to see what you've been up to.

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Last week
Homework induced psychosis.
This picture is the product of being driven insane by final projects and homework. I haven't gone to school full time since high school (eight years ago) so this semester has been a challenge for me. ONE MORE WEEK AAAAHHHHHHHH. I am studying fashion design. Because I've only been going part-time, on and off, I've gone nowhere in my degree program. :(

I get many compliments and comments from strangers on my locks. A lot of people ask about how I care for them, and are surprised to hear that I wash them! Ha! Silly people. I really love spreading the info that dreads can and SHOULD be clean.
There was one time when I went to pick up my son from school and a staff member I had not met before asked me "Oh, are you here for your boys?" I told her I was picking up my son. She was confused. "You only want one of them?" There are apparently twin boys in kindergarten that have dreadlocks. She assumed I was their mother...because I also have dreadlocks. O_o

So tell me how you people have been!
I know most people are not active on LJ anymore. But I still love to follow beautiful dreadie people.
I am quicherenee on Instagram (I found namesofthedead), likeathistle on tumblr, and heyrenee on Ravelry. I need to consolidate my usernames, yeah? That is where I am most active these days. There is of course a GUDU shaped space in my heart that I will always comeback to fill.

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