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[07 Jul 2013|10:44pm]
oh hi! we're all still here. ^_^

so, on the 4th, some semi-crazy-looking woman asked very politely to take photos of gorthok's & my dreads. after we looked at the result on her camera, she looked up at me, got very quiet, & started stuttering. she said, "i... i have to... g-go b-back to my b-boyfriend now... you have an angel on you." & she evaporated.

i took it as a good sign.

anyhow, here's a shot thok stole of me while i was sheet-tangled & asleep last weekend. somehow he keeps making it look like i have a great ass, but i assure you it's just a trick of the light.

my dreads are reaching mid-thigh now, & i'm pretty sure they're sentient. i'll try to find time to get some proper updated shots soon.
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