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Just a few [11 Jul 2013|08:12am]
I was told the other day that I am "still cute, even with the gay hair."
What does that even mean?
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checking in! [11 Jul 2013|09:57pm]
hey guys - it's been rather a while since i've posted on here. i believe that the last post i did was when my dreadlocks turned two. they're four years old and four months in three days. i'm still hanging onto them - i did have to let go of a few of them because they were barely hanging on by a thread
seems like i have a problem with my forehead dreadlocks thinning out majorly and getting too bothersome to try to save so i cut them off and plan on making baby dreadlocks with the loose hair there - anybody else have this problem?
anyways, a lot has happened lately - graduated from university, got accepted to college (what can i say, education is a life long endeavour for this one!), moved to a different province, still going through a rough time trying to adjust but i'm keeping my chin up.

i was looking through my old pictures and found one from two years ago and figured i should compare 'em - might get more pictures later on, my best buddy's coming up for a visit in a week (and staying a week aww yeah) and he's a photographer so i might lure him down to the waterfront and get some pictures of my dreadlocks (btw i live right by the ocean, it's fab)

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