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Ever tried to weigh your locks? [05 Sep 2013|12:42am]
These are the things that I think of late at night.

Seriously, has anyone ever figured out how much their hair weighs, or tried to? What do you think, weigh yourself and then get someone to hold your hair away from you? Try to stack your hair on a kitchen scale?

I looked at the memories of course but didn't see any topic headings that vaguely qualified. :)
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photoshoot [05 Sep 2013|06:26am]

Image heavy. Swimwear and a shot of my behind.. may be NSFW
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lish & thok went to ireland! [05 Sep 2013|08:31am]
hey guys! the write-up of gorthok's & my recent trip to ireland is now online! links: part 1, part 2, & part 3. or for those who just want dreads, i've copied some of the best pics into this post. :)

oh yeah, that's nollipop & sensibleken with us. didn't i mention we met them? :D :D

joe and lish ALL over the emerald isle.Collapse )

ps, i pruned the mass upon our return - a foot & a half trimmed totaling over half a pound, & it feels great! all the new pics on that are coming as soon as i finish the dyeing work. :D
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My dreads turned 3 [05 Sep 2013|11:56pm]
Dreads turned three on August 21st.
Here they are tonight, after washing and still a little wet.
Will try to post more pictures at another point in time
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