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2.5 Month Old Baby Dreads! & Intro post [26 Sep 2013|07:06pm]
Hello all! I'm Cali and this is my first post EVER to LJ - I made an account for the purpose of GUDU and have spent the past 3 months going through all the memories and reading backlogged posts.

Please enjoy my timeline under the cut with lots of pictures!

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I'm content with them and love watching all the changes they've made. They're starting to look like actual dreads right now which is great!
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[26 Sep 2013|11:11pm]
I forgot to post that I did shave the sides of my head a couple of months ago. I really need to get some good pics of it as I managed to get the nice, even curve that I was aiming for. I snapped this last night after I'd touched up the colour on my hair. You can kindasorta see the sides. I need to do some maintenance on my dreadlings though as I have a lot of loose hair right now... Overall, I'm happy with my decision to shave, my head feels so much lighter which is always good in this Texas heat!

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