January 25th, 2014


3 year old dreads, and a question about roots?

Hello. My dreads are 3 years old today :D

EDIT now with more pictures!
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So the majority of my dreads are pretty tight and thick and twisty/loopy/bumpy, but it seems like the section of hair at the root is a lot thinner than the size of the dread. Is this just because the hair scrunches up and tangles together over time, making the dread feel much thicker than the section of hair actually is, or could it be possible that my hair is thinning? :/ I recently (7 or 8 months ago) stopped taking the birth control pill after being on it for 9 years, and I've read some terrible horror stories about hair loss after stopping taking it... and I would have no way to know if my hair was falling out, because it's all in dreads. I'm sure it's probably fine and I'm just being paranoid but, some input would be nice :)

Thanks everybody! I hope everyone is having a good 2014 so far!