March 10th, 2014

It's been ages! (I cut 6 years of dreads off!)

Hello friends,
I haven't been around in years! It seems like the community has died. :( I loved this place.
I guess I thought I would post one final update/goodbye. I cut my hair last July after 6 years of dreadlocks. It was time. I got my dreads when I was 15 to break the status quo in my life and they really did help me become who I am today. They helped my free myself from beauty norms and expectations of who I should be. I got into Medical School WITH dreadlocks and never had any negative experiences with patients or physicians not finding me professional.
I cut them because it was time. Because the reason I got my dreads was not the reason I was keeping them. They had become my safety blanket and I was hiding behind them. I cut them because I wanted to be "Claire" not "that girl with the dreads".
I cried. But then I looked in the mirror and felt more like myself than I had in years. Sometimes I miss them. Would I get dreads again in the future? Certainly! But I'm enjoying feeling light, and being able to swim and hike and go to the gym without being weighed down by a heavy mess of hair.
That's enough rant.Collapse )