March 12th, 2014


Traveling with dreadlocks?

I promise that I tried to find this information in the memories, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for. Feel free to point me in the right direction if I somehow missed it though!

I am going to be leaving the country in just a few weeks, to travel through Central and South America for an indefinite length of time. I will be living out of a single backpack, and I will be taking at least one flight. For these reasons, I'm hoping to keep the amount of liquids I carry (shampoo, soap, etc.) to a minimum.

I'm concerned about how I will be able to wash my hair, as I most often use baking soda and white vinegar -- carrying these things in a backpack may get tricky or messy, and I worry about border crossings with white powder in my possession... I love the idea of using solid shampoo, but I haven't really found one that works well for me, more than just every once in a while. They have a tendency to give me lots of extra stray hairs at my roots (my guess is that the oils in them help to detangle, which clearly I do no want)... I happen to work for Lush, so I've tried many of their shampoo bars, but to no avail. Squeaky Green dries me out; and Karma Komba, New, and Ultimate Shine loosen my roots. I don't recall if I have used Seanik since I dreaded my hair, but I am assuming it would loosen my roots as well, since it contains even more oils than the latter two. I'm afraid to buy any others because I assume they won't be any better. I have not tried any other brand of solid shampoos, but I'm wondering if anyone has had more success with non-Lush solids on a long-term basis. Please let me know your experiences, especially if you've used Lush and found another solid product to be better for you! But honestly, only if you've had success using this product for many, many consecutive washings... I've had success with one-time uses, but beyond that, my hair starts to fall apart.

Most importantly: Does anyone have ANY tips or tricks they could share with me, as far as washing/maintaining their dreads while backpacking through third-world countries? I'd love to hear what your personal routine is, if so. Thanks a lot!

And here are some pictures for good measure. :) They are three years old, plus two months. Also, I have bangs now! You can see how loose my roots have gotten, though, and it makes me sad. This is from trying and failing to find a solid washing product that works for me before I leave. Halp!

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