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Oh, hello again... [17 Mar 2014|02:54am]
Hi all. I've been lurking for quite a while...you might remember me from a couple different sets.

I just decided to do another natural set. I lost my job about two weeks ago (which I'm overall happy about, so it's all good) and after driving 8 hours to Chicago to spontaneously see a friend, I made a couple decisions. One, as mentioned, is letting my hair naturally become dreadlocks again. The second is to stop making excuses and go to SE Asia. I may not be able to stay long due to finances, but I'd rather go for less time than I want than not at all! So when my lease is up (end of July), I'll be heading out to fulfill a dream!

Just before I got fired, I had a small scarification piece done. Pics of that (fresh and now) as well as a pic of my old natural set (no current pics of me right now) under the cut.

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