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Hi GUDU- Plenty of pix to share this time! [23 Mar 2014|02:06pm]
Happy to see more posts in the comm-awesome!

I cut about a foot of dreads from my length which, admittedly, is still pretty long. I'm getting a lot of white in front, so I've started colour matching my brown and dyeing the (henna'ed) ends a brighter red. My colour's faded considerably in these photos; I have my dye appt next week.

Other news include my wearing metal braces at the age of 38. My teeth were hella jacked up and I couldn't afford Invisalign, so it's like my mouth is in middle school. They've been on almost a year now, my teeth are looking better every day. Just one more year to go.

GUDU tends to be a young group, but anybody parenting teenagers (aside from Erika, whom I know really well)? My son is now 15, looks like a linebacker, passes for my little brother, and is rebellious as all get out.

Back to dreads..they turned 8 on VD. These photos include my naked back (and backpiece), so this may be NSFW.
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Just an update on my locks [23 Mar 2014|03:49pm]
Originally posted by nutshell_98 at Just an update on my locks

My baby dreads turn 2 years on the 21st of June. :) I don't know when to stop calling them "babies" hahahha anyway, just took some photos of them today.

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