June 22nd, 2014

damn, this community is dead :/

i used to stalk the hell out of GUDU! took me at least a week to obsessively pour through old entries when i first joined the group, and was on my first set of dreads.. with all the concerns and extra lovely things you do for your dreads. it was great to watch peoples progress. i ought to not complain about lack of activity around here, and post a timeline of my current and 2nd set. yet im one of those people who gets weird anxiety when people try and take my photo so who knows how much of a timelime i even have :/ anyway!

i actually came here to request dread maintenance help! loose hair was fine at first but now i have too much and some of my dreads are getting thin at the roots. i'm in the pacific NW, portland to be exact. is anyone available for maintenance? lishd, are you still available for that?